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Credit score jumped by almost 200 points!

My experience with The Credit Doctors was amazing. Within just a few months of working with Corey and his team, my credit score jumped by 226 points. I have to be honest, I was initially skeptical because there are tons of credit counseling companies out there that are truly not legit. This is not the case with The Credit Doctors & Consultants, Inc. I was able to buy my first home by following the instructions from Corey and his staff. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company!

Beulah Alcantara - NJ

Elegant Female

"I just wanted to write you a letter to express my gratitude for all the work you and your staff has done for me in correcting my credit issues. I was not sure what I was getting myself into when I spoke with you a 56 days ago...I did not think you could get my credit re-established as soon as you did. By using your service and by being patient, you have cleaned up my credit to the point where I can now be qualified to purchase a home as an "A" paper borrower!! Absolutely amazing!!! You took my bad credit with bad fico scores of 451, 467, 469 and pushed it to 702, 719, 6!! Oh and to let you know I recently applied for a car loan at ----- Bank and I was approved!!! I got a good rate and the vehicle I wanted. I could never even think that this could happen as soon as it did. Thanks a MILLION. I have been telling all my friends and family about you. You deserve a ton of recognition for what you do. Hopefully this letter will assure others to trust your service and let a miracle come to pass!!"

Roberta Butler - FL

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The wonderful, professional staff at The Credit Doctors & Consultants, Inc. worked with me to restore my credit when I was applying for a home mortgage and discovered that my credit scores were well below where they needed to be to secure a home loan. During a highly stressful time for me I sought great comfort in the fact that I had this skilled, knowledgeable team working on my behalf. In addition to their expertise in systematically raising my score they provided a sophisticated level of emotional intelligence and awareness of what was at stake for me personally and responded in kind. They were patient and calm when responding to my almost daily phone calls and text. They made me feel that my mortgage was as important to them as it was for me. What might have been a potentially embarrassing, shameful situation turned into a shared partnership with a mutual goal. I am deeply grateful (in my new home) for all of the dedication they demonstrated and I highly recommend them.

Laura McKinnon - VA

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